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thevelvetkey ic contact post ⚔

"This is Lancer. I'm sorry I missed you, but please leave a message and I'll be sure to contact you as soon as I can."

⚔ hmd ⚔

How's My Driving

Think I'm good? Think I'm awful? Want to slap me upside the head with a giant fish? Here's the place to do it.


⚔ 004; [RL with Issei]

[Lancer didn't like leaving his world; no, he liked it quite a bit. What he disliked was the fact that doing so took him away from his Master. From his duty as a Servant. Lancer had a vitally important purpose to fulfill in Fuyuki in 1994, one he could do in no other world or time.]

[But before he was a Servant, he was a knight. And a knight could not turn his back on those who needed him. Kayneth-dono had given him no orders or yet indicated any future plans since their relocation, so he had a few precious moments' time to offer support to one that needed it.]

[He moved swiftly through the temple in spirit form before materializing at Issei's side as he said he would; the Fourth War could wait just for a while.]

⚔ 003; fall down like toy soldiers

[The video was clear, though none it showed seemed to be aware it was recording. In that room on the 32nd floor of the Fuyuki Hyatt, a familiar knight in green and black knelt respectfully before his Master, gold eyes downcast.]

bicker bicker bickerCollapse )

[It was at that point the video cut out. But within a matter of minutes, there were a few last notes of chaos to punctuate the broadcast: an explosion, rending metal, crumbling concrete, splintering wood.]

[The sounds of an entire hotel collapsing.]

⚔ 001; [RL with Rapunzel]

[Lancer was a knight. More than that, he was the First Knight of Fianna. Holy Grail War or not, how could he ignore someone so in need of help? Kayneth hadn't noticed when he'd gone to Issei's temple, so the Servant was reasonably confident any other world would have the same effect]

[Sola, for whatever reason, had not really questioned Lancer's desire to use a familiar of hers. She gave him a skeptical look, yes, but didn't press the issue. He was thankful for that much, more so when she complied with his earnest request she not tell Kayneth. Lancer didn't quite understand Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, but her persistent kindness to him was truly an asset now.]

[With Sola's borrowed bird familiar and associated magecraft, he was in Rapunzel's world in no time; the rest was up to Lancer's speed and cleverness. Both things he had more of than many heroes, thankfully. Within three days he was closing in on Rapunzel's location. Without a need to stop for rest, running cross-country was almost nostalgic.]